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Dr. Kumaran Vayaleri

Dr.Kumaran Vayaleri was born at Vattoli in Chittariparamba Panchayat, Kannur District, Kerala. After M.A. and B.Ed., he got his Ph.D upon the thesis ‘Life and Culture of the Kurichias’. Kurichias are the tribe of obscure life at Peruva (Kannur District) and Wayanad. He has tried to disclose their customs, rituals, beliefs,myths, folklore etc. He is now working as lecturer (Malayalam) at Kaladi Sanskrit University Payyannur Centre. Wife : Ajitha. Children: Jashin, Jishnu. He has published six books so far in Malayalam:

1. Life and Culture of Kurichiya Tribe
(Kurichiyarute Jeevithavum Samskaravum - Malayalam)

A study on the life and culture of Kurichiyas, one of the tribes in Kerala.
The origin of the name of the tribe, their burial ceremonies, arts, beliefs,
costumes, architecture, lifestyle, medical treatments, language, proverbs,
riddles, songs are explained elaborately.
Introduction: Dr. M.V. Vishnu Namboothiri.
Current Books 1996. Pages 96

2. Songs of Kurichiyas and Folk Songs
(Kurichiyarute Pattukalum Natan Pattukalum – Malayalam)

A study on the songs prevailed among the Kurichiyas. Classification and
analysis of their songs, comparison of songs, language and literature in
songs, myth etc. are the topics. Mampattu,Narayappattu, Ganapathippattu,
Narippattu, Onthupattu and Kathaganam also included as annexure.
Introduction : Dr. P Somasekharan Nair.
Current Books 1997. Pages 118

3. Oral Jokes
(Vamozhi Phalithangal – Malayalam)

A study on the country jokes. Sense of humour and its specialities is the first chapter. The root of the oral jokes in Kerala and its extent is explained in Chapter 2. The diversity of jokes along with the collection of oral jokes are arranged in third chapter.
Introduction: Dr. M.V. Vishnu Namboothiri
Current Books 1999 . Pages 96.

4. Pain nd thought of Dalit in Folk Songs
(Novum Ninavum Natan Pattukalil – Malayalam)

A study on the folk songs and their impact upon the life of Dalit community in Kerala. An analysis upon their folk songs with the view of a backward community who experience the reflection of their pain and thoughts in their songs. Literature of Dalits, classification, imagination and reality, a suppressed community, recognition, secular thought, financial inequality, exploitation and resistence are regularized in the chapters.
Introduction : Dr. N.V.P. Unithiri
Pappiyon, Kozhikode, 2003.

5. Language and Society
(Bhashayum Samoohavum – Malayalam)

A study on the diversity of Malayalam language. Language and society, deviation in speeches, folklore literature and language, deviation and medium of speeches, Thalassery style of speech etc. are explained in the book.
Pappiyon, Kozhikode 2004

6. Tribal Myths
(Aadivasi Puravritham - Malayalam)

A study on myth prevailed among the tribes in Kerala. An analysis of myth and tribes of Kerala, Origin of myths, epic myth etc. Are the topic of the book.
D.C. Books 2007.

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